Tudor Transformation

1300 Sq. Ft.

North Bethesda

This large-scale home renovation in a highly desirable North Bethesda neighborhood was designed and completed for a lovely family of four who cherishes their time together and enjoys entertaining. The homeowners sought our creative expertise and design genius to reimagine the first floor of their original 1960s home, with a goal of combining multiple, smaller rooms into larger, more comfortable, liveable, organized, open spaces. The kitchen underwent the most comprehensive modernization, featuring cutting-edge appliances and an elegant yet functional layout. Inspired by their newly painted gray exterior, we were eager to coordinate the interior palette, curating decor by blending muted tones with some bold accents to contribute to the home's timeless yet contemporary aesthetic. This "Tudor Transformation" exemplifies how thoughtful renovations can breathe new life into historical homes, creating a harmonious and stylish living environment that transcends time.

Large Scale custom renovation

photographer credits: peak visuals

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